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This revision method follows a basic pattern of 25 minutes studying followed by a five-minute break. Give it a try and see if you are more focused on regular small breaks. Grabbing a cuppa, having a snack, getting some fresh air and walking around can all help focus you for when you sit back down again to revise. A baby’s first birthday is always a special occasion for the parents. And why not it is a celebration for completing one full revolution around the earth It surely calls for celebration by inviting guests for an amazing birthday party throw.

Besides, everyone would want to give their child the best birthday that they would remember for years to come. While the quest is to make the first birthday the best one, hunting for ideas that can turn it unique as well as special is the ultimate crux. So, in this article, we have explored a few unique and outstanding baby 1st birthday party ideas that can completely transform the event into a marvelous thing.

So let’s start

Choose the best venue

The venue is the first thing that can make a lot of difference. This would depend on the number of people you would be attending the party. Based on this you can opt for a myriad of places like open gardens, halls, hotels, restaurants and much more.

Balloon Inflatable

Inflatables are the latest craze and top baby 1st birthday party ideas. Not only children but also elders love to play with inflatables. Setting up walking inflatables of popular cartoon characters can be quite fun. Moreover, they would also make the best companion for clicking pictures.

Pink and blue theme party

This is a common idea for arranging for a birthday party. Choosing between pink and blue theme for your babies is one of the most sought ideas. However, you can bring in a certain change in this and opt for theme-based decoration. When it comes to kids, there exist numerous ideas ranging from Barbie theme, superhero themes, jungle theme, Bollywood theme, etc. Herein hiring and taking the help of birthday party organizers who hold specialized knowledge in the field.

Add a personal element of love in the invites and decorations

Technology has come a long way over the years. It is now possible to add this to our day to day life. The current trend of birthdays includes getting made customized cakes that surround a certain idea or story. Present to your child the best-customized cake or a cake with a digitized image printed on it.

Customized hats, caps and eye masks

Adding a personal element to the occasion can raise the glimmer quotient to a great extent. How about customizing the caps and eye masks with the name of the birthday boy or girl? Moreover, you can also go about to create customized birthday invites digitally with wonderful graphics and illustrations that your child would love to look back after years.

1st birthdays are always special, make it the most memorable event of your lifetime.

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