Brides get the utmost attention on their wedding day and they intend to do everything possible, so they can appear in the most presentable and attractive form.  Bridal makeup is one of the most important factors in this context and the best Bridal Makeup Artists in Delhi can certainly help you to attain your desired look. A good wedding day makeup can give you confidence as a bride and you can enjoy the most precious day in your life.

Considering the season

A bride needs to entirely tailor her foundation choice to the components she will be in regarding her wedding. In winter season, you will need a foundation that won’t appear terribly flat or dry.On the other hand, in summer you do not expect a foundation, getting terribly shiny shortly.

If the wedding is taking place from day to nighttime, you should be seeking for something that you can wear for a longer time. For summer season, you can prepare your skin using water-resistant and anti-shine primer and for winter brides, using fuller coverage foundation will be perfect.

The lipstick or balm should feel comfortable

Your lip is a very sensitive part of your face, playing an important role in your bridal makeup. Primarily, you need something that stays the entire day. A natural shade that does not look too pink or brown can be a good option, amp it by adding shining lip lacquer.

Drink sufficient water

Staying hydrated is very essential, as hydrated skin allows the excellent application of makeup. So, drinking lots of fluid and water before the wedding day will benefit you in various ways and help you to get ready as the bride.

Get a makeup trial

You may find some Bridal Makeup Artists in Delhi, offering bridal trial which is not included to the actual day of wedding. The makeup trial is very significant for both the bride and the makeup artist. Trial gives you the chance of trying various looks, meaning on the actual day you will feel confident as well as happy because you already know that you are wearing the right look.

Prefer waterproof products

Your makeup does not understand your emotions and if you burst into tears, it can sterilize the toil of your makeup artist. A beauty blender on your hand can be a helpful element to blot, pressing the product into your skin instead of wiping away the product or leaving streaks.

Balance in look is importance

Do you want a Smokey appearance? Then, try to apply light makeup on your skin, opting for natural lip colors. If you are seeking for bold lips, here too going light on your skin makeup will be an important factor. Many makeup artists prefer Matte lipstick because it lasts longer, requiring less maintenance as well.

Make sure you are using the perfect foundation

Try to choose a foundation that is close to your skin and neck tone. Photographers are more concerned about taking the bride’s photo and they perform this in a consistent manner, so make sure that the tone of your face and neck matches.

Applying moisturizer

Use moisturizer before applying self-tan on areas such as elbows, hands, knees and feet in order to stop them from getting darker would be a good idea. Do not moisturize the entire body, as it can dilute the self-tan color. You can also use moisturizer for afterward blending around the crease in your wrist, the hairline and the back of your heel for making the tan appear natural.

Teeth whitening product

Remember, your wedding day will remain as a golden memory in your life and your beautiful smile will add extra spark to the event. Using teeth whitening product gives you pearly white teeth and the confidence.


It is a dream of almost every girl to be at her best look on her wedding day, getting attention of guests and most importantly of her groom.Besides the beautiful wedding dress and shining jewelry, you need to consider about the proper makeup as well as the hair do. If you have the basic understanding what kind of bridal makeup will suit your taste and skin tone as well, a professional makeup artist can be able to give you the best appearance for your wedding day.

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