The city of Allahabad is one of the most olden-cities on earth. That is the reason this city is a favorite destination of wanderers all across the world. Historical as well as religious values are attached to this city, as it is located on the confluence of 3 rivers, i.e., Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati. Allahabad is the 13th most populous city of India. This city is very much diverse in respect of per capita income. Birthday parties are always a fun event to organize as well as attend. Until some years ago, the trend was not this much diverse for organizers in Allahabad to add a birthday party in their portfolio. They were not aware of event organizers who can help them with all their needs.

Planning a Birthday Party:

It could be a very hectic task if you are not doing it the right way. The planning of a birthday party should be bifurcated in small tasks, a step-by-step process to reach a milestone of organizing a great party. Some points which an organizer always keeps in mind are:

  1. Start planning 6-8 weeks prior to the event: Sit down with your child and talk to him/her about the theme he wants in his birthday party. After deciding on the theme, set the date of the event. Then, discuss and order the format of the invitation. Prepare the guest list, and set a budget. All of this should be done 3 weeks prior to the event date.
  2. 3 weeks prior to the event: If you want to send some personalized invitations, then this is the time to order supplies and prepare the invitations. Make sure you have written the start and end time, your contact number, a clear address to the venue, and theme of the party. Also, purchase all the decoration supplies in this week only.
  3. 2 weeks prior to the event: This is the week you decide the menu of your party. Place the order for the cake, take a margin time if you are placing it from a very busy bakery. Also, decide all the activities/games you are going to add to the fun at your party.
  4. 3-5 days prior to the event:Call the guests who haven’t responded to your invite. You can also write down a rough agenda for your party, just for yourself. If you decided the entertainment/rentals, call the company to remind/confirm.
  5. 2 days prior to the event:Birthday party organizers in Allahabad will now shop for raw materials needed to prepare the menu you decided at your party. If you’re planning to serve some packed food or pizza, this is the time to place the order for that also. Now after all of it, rent the dinnerware, plates, etc. and purchase napkins, candles, toothpicks, etc.
  6. 1 day prior to the event: Charge all your camera equipment and extra batteries. Rent the movies/documentaries if you’re planning to group watch any. And lastly, confirm and take the delivery of the cake you ordered.
  7. During the party: Set up the food/drinks, with proper labeling. Play some music. Take photos of the place and cake before guests arrive. Then, as you made the agenda, carry your party forward.
  8. When the party is over: Settle all the bills, return the rentals, and try to send the pictures of your kid playing with the gifts to respective guests within 2 weeks.

If you are residing in Allahabad and trying to throw a birthday party, you can easily find the birthday party organizers in Allahabad and you get rid of all the worries.

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