Destination wedding, in simple words, just like any other wedding and it’s the place where you can enjoy the best moments in life. It would be wrong to say that this is what it means at all. There are many more aspects to it. Now, times are totally different. People want to add fun/adventure in everything happening in their life. The reason to do so is because in today’s hectic schedule, meeting our relatives/friends is a task. So, by adding this fun stuff to our yet normal events, we try to spend some more time with them. Destination wedding planners in Allahabad help you plan a beautiful destination wedding without any hassles. But it is important for you also to understand what is and how a destination gets planned? According to literal definition, getting married at least 100 miles (approx 200 km) from your hometown falls under the category of a destination wedding.

Choosing a destination:

These weddings are fun, unique in its own way and most importantly, totally customized for you. Always remember, these are not those traditional weddings which used to/still in the majority of places happen. There is a myth that destination wedding is only for rich people, let me tell you, 1 in 4 weddings are now a destination wedding, and bride or bridegroom pay for it themselves. It actually saves you money. Let me discuss a choosing method in bullets:

  • First, eliminate the places where you don’t want to get married
  • Prepare your guest list
  • Fix your budget
  • Check the places where your guests reside so while choosing to keep that in mind for their easy travel
  • Now, start your search for a venue
  • Start writing down by category. For example, mountains, beaches, forts, etc.
  • Eliminate those not having proper accommodation, just to remind you, destination wedding planners in Allahabad will take care of all of that.
  • Point out the places who offer activities of your interest
  • Call your final choices now, and look online for reviews, and the one with good reviews, go with that one.
  • You are all set.

Some other plannings:

Always lookout for the most cost-effective ways to plan anything. Interestingly, just some basic tips and tricks will reduce your cost dramatically. Some points are discussed below:

  1. Deciding a destination: Widen your search criteria to some lesser-known ones. The famous ones, due to high demand, will charge you more compared to these lesser-known ones.
  2. An off-season date: Try to get married in the off-season and also you don’t need to invite all 400 of your acquaintances. Trim the list as much as possible.
  3. Minimum decor: A minimal but organized decor will give you cost-effectiveness, as well as an elegant look.

Search destination wedding planners in Allahabad and book one for yourself today! You can thus enjoy the wedding bringing in the true charm that gives you the confidence to go ahead with your partner.

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