When it comes to bridal Mehndi designs, options are plenty, be it simple and basic patterns, fancy rose motifs or portraits of brides and groom. But, how perfectly these unique designs will turn out to be on your hands as well as feet almost entirely depends on the Mehndi artist you are planning to hire.It is the skills, creativity and experience of the artist that can create the bridal magic. Followings are some important factors that you should strongly consider before booking a Mehndi artist.

Knowing the latest trends

Mehndi can be considered as an art and like every art form, it is also changing.So, staying up to date is very important to keep up with the contemporary trends. Conduct thorough research about the latest trends of Mehndi, be it a simple design with fewer strokes and coverage, gorgeous Arabic designs consisting of paisleys and edgy bels, unique portrait designs or personalized designs, asit is important to understand what is raging. You also need to check what type of Mehndi designs brides are seeking for these days.

Understand your expectation

After doing sufficient research, now you need to know what kind of Mehndi design you desire. Would you like to imitate a Mehndi design that your favorite celebrity has done on her wedding day or do you want a completely personalized design that will portray your own taste?Get a clear idea from the start and select some designs for showing to the Mehndi artist you are going to hire.

Use internet or traditional technique

The next step would be finding the Best Mehndi Artist in Delhi. Internet can be a great help in this context, you can gather information about different Mehndi artists through their social media profiles. You will get to see their Mehndi designs and if you find something impressive, you can contact them easily. If you are not comfortable with online research processes, you can go with the traditional techniques as well, asking for recommendations from your friends or relatives and contact their preferred Mehndi artists.

Consider the portfolios

It is an important aspect to shortlist the best vendors according to their portfolios. Once, you are done checking several Mehndi artist’s profile, you can shortlist some of them you prefer the most. Having a face-to-face conversation with such artists and asking them for presenting their photo albums consisting of their work or portfolios will be a great idea for getting an obvious picture of their style.

Understanding the Mehndi artist’s style

While checking out their work through portfolios, you need to understand in which area they have their expertise. Though, Mehndi artists usually try different designs and styles, it is important to know whether they have any signature style or not. Once, you are done understanding that, decide which style suits your personal preference the best.

Share your preferences

Feel free to share your ideas and expectations regarding the Mehndi designs and styles that you desire to get,with the Best Mehndi Artist in Delhi. You should also allow the artist for giving their inputs as well and making an entirely new design instead of imitating an older one.

Ingredients are important

Before you finalize your Mehndi artist, do not forget to ask about the ingredients he or she is going to use in order to make the henna. You need to make sure that the Mehndi artist you are going to hire uses only organic henna without tampering the natural and pure form of it using synthetic components.

What about the application time

Generally, bridal Mehndi takes few hours (approximately 5-8 hours). But, the time may vary based on the Mehndi design, its complications and how many artists are working on it. So, communicate your Mehndi artist regarding the design that you prefer and get a dim idea about the application time the artist will need to accomplish the job.

Considering the budget

Money speaks the final words and you can’t escape without taking the budget into your consideration. Ask the artist for quoting the prices as well as packages. Make sure whether they charge extras for more elaborate and complicated designs or in order to spend additional hours, then decide if it is suitable for your budget even if the extra charges are included.

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