It’s your little one’s first birthday and you are much excited than your kid! For you, it may seem that how fast the year passed by and you’re still in the wondering mode that what can be done on your toddler’s very first, first birthday bash. This is rather a tough task, though it appears to be simple. You have end number of the list to get ready within the limited time span. As the time seems to fly, you’re still not ready with the party guest list and theme and décor and many other things in your to-do-list. Your to-do-list seems to be endless for this party.

You probably plan of celebrating your child’s birthday as a grand affair. Being a parent, nobody wants to miss out on even a single thing for your kids. There are thousands of endless tasks that you want to prepare and want to execute smoothly.

Here’s a checklist that you should be ready with if it’s your toddler’s first, first birthday bash.

  1. The first thing that comes to your mind while planning a birthday party for your toddler is a photograph. The only thing that you can do to keep your memories alive is by clicking lots and lots of photographs. Create an album that will retain your child’s photographs with you and your family. Hire a professional photographer if you’re not pro at clicking photographs. The photographer will take pictures of your child including the party arrangements. The party space looks the best before anybody arrives. Ask your photographer to shoot with those lively and colorful arrangements.
  2. Shoot your child and their friends in different dresses. Parents these days often want to shoot their children/toddler in dressy birthday dresses.
  3. Create a themed party. Kids love everything matching. Invite your child’s friends with a special dress code. Plan everything accordingly.
  4. A themed cake is what you should order for. Ask the cake designer to create something that your child loves. For instance, create some cartoon characters on the cake.
  5. Hire a birthday party organisers in Delhi. They perform their task very well. Ask them for customized return gifts. Kids love that.

These are a few of the important things to do while celebrating and planning your child’s first ever first birthday bash.

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