Most of peoples want to throw a party in such a way it can be remember to others for many years. For that it should have fantastic decoration and delicious snacks and food for guest. Nowadays most of the people are throwing theme party which makes people more excited for the party by getting ready according to the theme and having all the decoration according to the theme.
We have bought different types of theme party for you and the decoration suggestion for you.

  • Birthday Party – Day of the Dead Party

  • The cake flavour of black forest decorated colorful to give Mexican feel and topped with the Dead Skull.
  • In decoration hangings of Picado on the ceiling and photo frames of Miguel ancestors on the walls and Mexican decoration on the table.
  • Plastic glasses should be decorated with the different creatures to feel like the environment of Dead Party.
  • Cup cakes should have topped by the dead skull or having floral decoration of different colours.
  • Bambi Themed Woodland Birthday Party

  • In this theme the decoration is of dazzling pink woodland on the top of the table with the floral and Bambi decoration.
  • The awesome cake with white tiered which is decorated with the pink colour flowers, butterflies, Bambi and mention with the age.
  • Decoration with the bunch of pink flowers and Bambi.
  • For children you should provide Bambi sugar coated cookies.
  • Valentine Day Party

  • In this cake is wrapped with the burger and fries all around it to make it more attractive for your loved one
  • On the top of the cake it is decorated with the large size purple colour heart which will give a cool look of love fest in neon.
  • Dessert table is decorated with the red, pink and gold balloon and flowers.
  • Hangings of heart shape and balloon of different colours which make more excited for the people and their loved ones.
  • Shark Theme Birthday Party

  • Back drop is decorated and had real feeling with the paper shark teeth according to the age of child.
  • For making children crazy you should include the sugar coated cookies in the shape of shark.
  • Decoration with the hangings of buoys in red colour and poster of Amity Island for the decoration of the table.

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