Birthday PartyHmm…After hearing this term every one of us gets very excited and starts planning to make it the memorable one. There is a reason behind this excitement; after all, you came into this world on this day. When you think of this term, things that соmеѕ to уоur mind are party, celebrations, food, dresses, cakes, candles, surprises from parents or friends and most important gifts from guests, am I correct? Oh!

I am still so excited for my birthday, Are you? Now let’s talk about kids, so Kids wait for their next birthday since the next day of their previous birthday, they eagerly wait for that single day in a year and not only kids, their parents also plan to make it memorable for their loving kids. This article will let you know the ideas which you can implement at your kid’s birthday at home to make it extra special and full of fun.

Here are some ideas to celebrate your kid’s birthday party at home in an economical way but in modern style. Also, choose PartySharty Birthday Party Organisers in Delhi for the kids party.

Invitation– Invitation is the initial and main part of any party, nowadays there are lots of ideas freely available in the market, like e-cards, Whatsapp video invitation etc. There are many apps or websites available in the market by which you can create funny and interactive invitation videos and share it digitally with your guests using social media like facebook, WhatsApp etc.

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Theme– Theme is the second main part of the party, on this all the party depends. Once you’ve got a theme, party planning is just a piece of cake. Start with your kid’s interests like water world(to arranging s game involving rain dance, boats, cars) DIY party marks(superheroes), cute unicorn crafts for kids, Fancy dress party, Ethnic wear party etc.

Cake Design– The cake design should be based on kid’s interest like if he has any favorite cartoon character or for a girl you can simply make a Barbie design cake. Or you can decorate a frosted cake with small items such as sprinkles, tiny candies, dried fruits, fresh berries, nuts, or edible flowers.

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Decoration– Decorate your hall with the most basic balloons. Some more ideas of decoration are Candy Necklace Trim, Birthday Banner, Candy Topiary, Hanging Paper Flowers, and Tiered Paper Candy Stand.

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Games– For making any party successful and full of fun there should be some games planned for the party. Kid’s birthday party is not exceptional to this so we must include games like paper boat race: this is the inexpensive game which is made by old newspapers and you can give it to every kid at the party and let them race in a small swimming pool. Another game is Board games: there are so many board games available at one’s house and every kid love to play it, it will keep them busy and happy. Magic show: Everyone loves magic and kids have much interest in this, so to make the party interesting you can arrange some magic show.

Food– For toddlers, you will have to keep in mind what the mothers of these kids would want their kids to eat at the party and accordingly decide the menu for the party like fruit-smoothies, milk custard etc. And for the young ones who can take their steps to the dining table might want to eat potato chips, veg sandwiches, mini pizzas, flavored popcorn etc.

We hope this article will definitely help you in arranging your kid’s next Birthday Party with less hustle and without making a hole in your pocket. We wish your kid a very “Happiest BirthdayJ”.

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