Children love their birthday party and always remember the ways in which it is celebrated. In the parties, they wear nice clothes, get lots of gifts and enjoy the eatables. They can dress as a super hero or a cartoon character, or wear masks of animals etc. There are many other ways in which the birthday parties can be made memorable. Children love to share these ideas when they grow old and remember all those things that they have done in the parties. Parents can also contact birthday party organisers in Delhi to arrange party in an economical way.

Ideas that can be inexpensive

Parents have to think about inexpensive ideas, which can also be memorable. If the party is for the kid whose age is between two and five years, parents need not buy any expensive thing that can be used only once. Children only care about the party so parents can make arrangements for a memorable one but inexpensive.

Parents can arrange for a boat race in a small swimming pool. The boats can be made with old newspapers. Another game that can be arranged is the board games. Children can play ludo, snake ladders, carom, and other board games. Such games do not take much time and a small competition can be held. The winner of the competition can be given a prize.

Ideas according to climate

A party cannot be arranged outdoors of the weather is too hot or too cold and adults and children both get sick. In such a case, indoor parties can be arranged. Parents can make arrangements for a prize walk game. In this game, numbers from 1 to 30 is written on the ground and same number of squares with numbers written should be put in a box.

After making arrangements, music should be played and children should be asked to move on the numbers. After stopping the music, the children should choose the numbers from the box. Of the number on the square matches with the number on the floor, that child is the winner.

Another thing that can be arranged is magic show in which the adults play some tricks and let the children enjoy. Some more entertaining things that can be done in a birthday party are fancy dress competition, balloon popping, balloon burst, egg and spoon race and many other such entertaining events.

All these ideas will help to make party in budget and memorable and children will never forget it.

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