Everyone wants to make their first baby birthday perfect with full of enjoyment. As your baby will not remember his/her birthday party because of small age. We all know that you make effort for planning the party decoration, theme, and food.

As small baby love to play the games and you know that baby enjoy the party by participating in the different fun games. We have some list of fun games you can arrange at the birthday party.


This is the game which children love to play as they like to see the bubbles flowing in the air and they try to catch them. While catching they get smashed in their hands.

This game is also cheap as you can handmade the bubble machine and children can also use that machine and make the bubbles themselves.

Ball Pit

In this game, you can arrange lots of ball in different colours in a big pit. You can arrange a large pit in which you can also arrange a slider in which children enjoy more by sliding and catching the different colours balls.

Photo Booth

In your baby birthday party, you can also arrange the photo booth which can make your party more memorable with the special booth. You can arrange different types of the booth-like of the dinosaur, robot, snow white and their favourite cartoon picture in which they pork their faces and click the photo can take their photo to home.

Ride On Toys

Babies who are not walking or crawling then you can arrange this ride for them. They can have a ride on different animals like elephant, giraffe and many more. You can also arrange the ride of cars and bike which are most preferable by the children.

Water Table

Most children love to play with water if the weather is nice for water play. If you are arranging a party outside in the lawn then you can have a big pool full of water which children will pour in another pool they will enjoy this game very much while splashing water.


In this game, you can make small tunnels through which children will move by crawling to one to another and reach the final destination and middle of it there will be obstacles by which they will cross and feel excited.

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