Making a birthday is not simple for some others as they feel very confused and feel very complicated while choosing the right cake for their children especially when the mother is making a cake at home. By hiring PartySharty birthday party organisers in Delhi, you can make your kids’ birthday more enjoyable.

So we have bought some tips for mother which are easy for them and also make happy with their children.

Simple Message Cake

This is the simplest cake in which you can use message happy birthday. Only you have to do is bake a cake and frost it your way. For writing words you do not need to use any special tool, you can simply use the plastic baggie with sugary frosting.

You can also decorate the side of cakes with colourful frosting with a plain message. And you can also add a candle before singing birthday songs.

Polka Dot Cake

This is the next simple cake which you can make in two ways.

  1. In this, you can make a cake with lots of chocolates of your child choice with colourful sticks or gems on the top of the cake and all around it.
  2. In another way, you can use different colours of pastry bags on the top to make it bright you can use colourful polka dots all over the cake and inside the cake, you can use a chocolate filling of your child taste.

You can also decorate the cake with sparkles, candies, and jimmies and add a message on it.

Theme Based Cake

You can make cake according to the theme party of your child birthday party. You can easily create cake on a theme based as it needs little more planning and effort. It has different decoration beyond from writing a simple message and simple decoration. It needs more creativity and time.

Construction Cake

Making a construction cake is an easy and simple way to excite your child. And you can provide healthy and safe food for your children. If you want to make a construction cake follows these steps:

  • Bake cake in your favouriteflavour in square or circle shape with lots of buttercreams.
  • For creating a pile of rocks you can crush chocolate cookies.
  • You can add a construction vehicle to give real look.
  • You can also use candies and gems to give the look of rocks.
  • After this, you can write a simple happy birthday on empty space and icing with white sugar.

So, with the above tips for Simple Birthday Cakes For Children, you can give best gift to your kid on his birthday.

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