Most the mothers feel that bringing of cake from the market can be costly to them and then they try to make their child birthday cake at the home. For some mother, it gives happiness when they serve homemade cake and get appreciation.

While the mother wants to give the healthy recipe to their children but they find it difficult. But with the help of these tips, you are able to make a cake at home without any difficulty and can make your child and yourself happy. We have some tips to make a birthday cake.

  • Firstly you should not do over things on the cake make it simple as a small child does not remember about their cakes and about their design.
  • If you want to make of different shape and size then you can purchase half of the sponge from the bakery shop and they will give happily when you ask them nicely.
  • Sometimes children love cake with colorful toppings and icing then in this case you have bought things from the market you can mix it well and place on the top of the cake.
  • For making more attractive you can buy circle or square cake board foil over it you can buy it from the market by using this you can put your creation on the cake by wiping it and look your cake better.
  • Don’t follow with the instructions when you are decorating the cake as while decorating you can use your child favourite toys and cartoons which will make him/her happy and excited.
  • If you are not much creative about cake then don’t make it over with decoration you can make it smooth and simple by using butter and sugar icing this also looks nice.
  • If you want to make easy one then you can use the alphabets your child name made up of edible things like chocolate or fruits. You also decorate the side of the cake to make it more dress up.
  • The easy thing to decorate the cake you can put cupcakes on the top that can be easy in cutting. Buy some attractive patty paper and paper tier for cupcakes

REMEMBER: After making the cake you should keep it away from the children as it can be demolished before the party and they remember it with 100% perfection. Well, if you want to give incredible birthday cake party then you must hire Party Sharty birthday party organisers in Ghaziabad today. They will also arrange custom made cakes and other things.

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